Andrew Family Art Gallery

Peter Steinmetz

About the Artist

I was born on November 1942 in Bessemer Michigan and raised with various families in Ashland and Hurley, WI.  I was always doing drawing of one kind or another, but never took any specific art class because during the Sputnik era anyone with Math/Science aptitude was placed in Math and Science classes.

I graduated from Hurley High School and enlisted in the USAF at age 17. I was trained in airborne weapons control systems (electronics). After four years of service, I enrolled in Pre-engineering/Math at Northland College in Ashland.

In my sophomore year I transferred to UW-Oshkosh and changed my major to Art Education. During this time (1966-67), I had my first introduction to Door County. I shared a gallery with another artist, Dick Lauder. We had our gallery set up in the summer at the old Nor-ski Lodge in Fish Creek. Richard worked primarily in watercolor, and I worked mostly in oil. In the winter I worked as a TV repairman to finance my schooling.

After graduating from UW-Oshkosh in 1969, I had an Art Teacher position at Madison West High school. In 1972 my wife Jill and I moved up to Door County. We worked as summer managers of the Liberty Park Lodge in Sister Bay. We decided to drop anchor there and had our gallery in a number of locations, living mostly in Egg Harbor through 1980. During those days Egg Harbor was not built up like it is today and I worked in the winter as an industrial electrician in Sturgeon Bay. Also, during this period, I had a temporary position as an Art Teacher at Gibraltar High School for two school years.

In 1980 we moved back to Madison where I took a position as a Technical Illustrator at Nicolet Instrument Corporation. I went back to school again and took writing and business classes during my career with Nicolet. Nicolet was a high-tech company that produced everything from Fourier Transform Spectrometers to Mass Spectrometers. This position evolved into technical writing and eventually I became a Marketing Communications Manager for the Industrial X-ray Group. We had a short stint in San Diego and moved back to Madison where I did consulting and eventually became Marketing Communications Manager with Bruker Analytical Instruments. This company designs and develops Single Crystal Diffraction, X-ray Diffraction Systems, and X-ray Fluorescence Systems. The parent company, Bruker, is involved in a total array of high- tech scientific instrumentation. It was fun to be on the leading edge of technology.

All through this whole timeframe, I worked with watercolor painting as an avocation. When my wife passed away in 2005, I retired and began to resurrect my painting fulltime. When attending a gallery opening at the Miller Art Center, I was encouraged by Charlie and Carol Gresko-Lyons to work on miniatures to help get back into the swing of things. Good stuff has come from that new beginning and the Paint Box Gallery. I would love to be back in Door County, however, heart disease and rheumatoid arthritis keep me close to the VA in Madison.


Artist Reception

An Artist’s Reception will be held August 24th from 5:30-7:00 pm at Creekside Place, 102 Maple Street, Evansville, WI

About the Andrew Family Art Gallery

Thanks to our dedicated Art Committee, the gallery regularly features the work of local and area artists. From professionals to hobbyists to elementary school children, we’re fortunate to enjoy these inspiring displays all year long. Stop in and browse at your convenience. We think you’ll be impressed!

It is the mission of the Creekside Place Art Committee to raise awareness of art and make art accessible to everyone in the community; to support art in the public schools and the community; to support area artists; and to add value to Creekside Place. To accomplish this, the Art Committee will:

  • Display a consistent showing of high-quality, professionally presented contemporary artwork for public viewing
  • Provide a venue for area artists to present and sell their work
  • Promote area artists and present a variety of media
  • Provide social and educational opportunities to meet and learn from artists
  • Support Creekside Place through commissions from artwork sold

Attention Artists

Interested in featuring your work in our gallery? ​Our Art Committee would love to meet with you. Contact us for more information.

Previously Featured Artists

Connie Glowacki

Connie says fascination with light and shadow as they define shape and textures has led her to an increasingly wider scope of subject matter. Her goal in painting is to show a time and place which enriches the viewer’s life, restores positive values, informs of something new and gives a feeling of awe and joy!

Karen Gilbank

Karen takes inspiration from the rural countryside of Wisconsin and its animal inhabitants and then depicts her observations through printmaking. This allows her to explore different techniques, including multiple drop monotypes, relief, intaglio, and solarplates.

Mike McKinnon

Barbara Mathews

​Barbara is an area artist and teacher who specializes in watercolor. “Composition, shape, values, color, design, and my own passion for a subject, leads me through my paintings. My passion has turned into an obsession…it’s my life!” Facebook: @LazyRiverStudio. Email:

Lynn Barber

Watercolor batiks on rice paper. Batik is a technique of layering wax and watercolors to produce varying shades of color. Lynn uses Ginwashi rice paper, a semi-transparent paper with small fibers running through it. “This paper gives the batiks a wonderful texture and a unique natural look,” Lynn said. “The edges are deckled, which gives the batik a feathery finish.” Visit Lynn’s website:

Diane Adams

Barbara Leonard

Trent Schmick

Trent painted five vibrant canvases for his exhibit in our gallery. His artwork focuses on painting, drawing and printmaking. Trent lives, teaches and creates in Evansville, WI. Visit his facebook page.

Jan Norsetter

Jan is an award-winning oil painter known for vibrant landscape paintings en plein air and evocatively detailed studies in still life. Learn more at

Steve Wagner

Steve’s watercolors capture the fluidity and unpredictability of nature. His style invokes daydreams of horses galloping across the plains to birds massing in the sky.
More of Steve’s work can be seen at

Kristine Moser

Moser has created tapestries for twenty years, and her work can be found throughout the United States and around the world.

Mary Koehl

A former Evansville teacher who works primarily as a metal smith and sculptor. She has shown her work regionally and nationally.

James Steeno

A Milwaukee-based artist whose mediums include oil painting, watercolor, sketches, paper collages & illustration.
Like James on facebook.

Mary Mason Braunschweig

​A former middle school art teacher, Mary has spent most of her life drawing, doodling, coloring and scribbling. She says, “My current artwork is done just for fun…I finally found a way to turn my doodles ​into the type of work I’m happy to frame and give to my friends. I hope you like it.”

Butch Beedle & Steve Feeney

Butch Beedle has been to Panama eight times in the last fifteen years, leading more than 140 students and chaperones on trips of discovery. Steve Feeney has been on three of those trips, working with Butch on his photography skills. Fortunately for those of us back home, they’ve taken countless photos of these adventures.

Richard Krake

A Wisconsin native who discovered the joy of drawing as a child on his family farm.
Visit Richard’s blog at Cooksville Farmhouse Inn.